Tabla9 was founded in 2010 to execute on key strategic projects for companies in Montreal, involving research for product innovation and/or negotiating terms for procurement, defining and implementing product management practices and process across functional teams, and development of strategic plans for tech startup business and product innovation teams. Since then, we have expanded to work with several tech companies in the US.

We strive to help companies achieve technology solutions with the right tools and resources, mindset and best practices.

We favor a collaborative approach and methodologies inspired by the Lean and Agile principles. With over 20 years of experience, let us join your journey and help you, your managers and decision-makers solve product marketing and strategic management challenges.

NEW : Launching in Fall/Winter of 2018: Product Clinics, cohort 1. Click here to apply.

Other tailored services include product management coaching, detailed product and/or market analysis, sales and marketing plans, business presentations and reports, as well as implementation of software solutions, usability design, training, and more.