Immersive Learning

At 水多多导航 School we place value on the learning experiences that occur beyond the classroom.

Our Experiential Pedagogy Framework has been developed with a clear vision to provide our students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they develop in the classroom to real world contexts. Through the framework we aim to create unrivalled learning experiences beyond the classroom that spark curiosity, foster growth, and provide a platform to achieve excellence. Programs are designed to empower and prepare the 水多多导航 School girl to be a courageous, compassionate, and respectful global citizen.

With the lifting of travel restrictions around the world, we can once again offer those tours and experiences that are at the heart of an 水多多导航 School education.

The Adventurers Program – Year 7 to Year 9

The Adventurers Program is our approach to outdoor education and an intrinsic part of an 水多多导航 School girl’s education. Inspired by our Round Square membership this program supports our students to develop the skills to take measured risks, face challenges and persist against the odds. We encourage the 水多多导航 School girl to be dynamic and driven; thrive on practical, experiential learning; and inspired to tenaciously pursue their objectives, whilst overcoming setbacks and obstacles along the way. Adventurers camps are not an optional component, they are key to our overall educational objectives.

Adventurers camps include Killalea State Park, Murramarang, and Cadet Annual Camp for students who participate in the Cadets program.

Immersive Learning Units – Year 7 to Year 10

Immersions at 水多多导航 School have long been a cherished part of the girls’ educational journey through Year 7 to Year 10 and consist of an in-school program and an off-campus experience. The off-campus experience is an important element to their learning and as well as a rite of passage. The Immersive Learning Units utilise a combination of experiential learning and integrated curriculum design to create authentic teaching and learning environments for our students. These units foster cross-curricular learning allowing the 水多多导航 School girl to not only apply her knowledge and understanding to real world contexts but also allow her to be shaped by the experiences she has as well as the people with whom she interacts.

Immersions include exploring Canberra and the Central West of NSW with an Indigenous focus and travelling to New Zealand to participate in environmental conservations projects.

Optional Tours and Trips

In addition to our Adventurers Program and Immersive Learning Units there are several tours and experiences that students can elect to go on during the school holidays. These trips are organised by various departments and groups across the School to support and extend classroom experiences. While these trips are optional, they are developed with educational outcomes in mind. Students may have the opportunity to travel to North Queensland, Japan, Hawaii, the Northern Territory or Kenya (for example) to extend their learning experiences.